Digital Marketing in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Goa


  • Rajesh V. Shetgaokar Assistant Professor, M.E.S College of Arts and Commerce, Zuarinagar - Goa


Digital Marketing, MSMEs, Social media, Sales, Technology


Technology developments have a significant impact on marketing for small businesses. By utilizing the opportunities provided by digital marketing, a small business can gain competitive advantage. The adoption of digital marketing technology by small businesses is influenced by a variety of factors according to empirical studies.   The study found that the MSME in Goa is using digital marketing facilities mostly for the development of business in the local area. The study points out that 66% of MSME have restricted their digital marketing activities to local areas, followed by national (17.7%), and international (16.1%). Further, our findings suggest that it is a social media platform of digital marketing which are widely used by MSMEs in digital marketing. The impact of digital marketing on increasing the sales was more (66%) than its impact on decreasing the sales (5%). Digital marketing proved to be beneficial over traditional marketing ranging from reaching customers globally, being cost-effective, and increasing efficiency and rapid brand building. We suggest that development of basic technology infrastructure in offices as well as in rural area and cost effectiveness of services must be taken on priority by government to make optimum use of digital communication


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