Rehabilitation of bonded laborers in India: An analysis


  • Balwinder Kaur Assistant Professor of Law, Hidayatullah National Law University, Chhattisgarh


Labour, Pandemic, Forced labour, Unorganised Sector, Bonded Labour


The Supreme Court of India, recently given direction to the National Human Rights Commission (herein referred to as NHRC) to inspect complaints concerning bonded labour who were working in the three kilns of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. A plea was filed in the Supreme Court by the social worker[1] who had alleged that around 187 people have been enforced to bonded labour in brick kilns. They are forced to do hard bodily labour in insensitive conditions.[2] On 24th March India declared a nationwide lockdown. It was an unexpected declaration there was no preparation for those whose livelihood had been threatened. Almost 90% of the workforce employed in the informal/unorganised had been affected badly. This study explored how the pandemic impacted the informal sector, especially bonded labourers. Data and cases are collected through the internet, books and newspapers. During a pandemic, the helplessness of bonded workers was exposed.  certainly, it did not arise in a couple of days and needs to see the brief backdrop of the forced/bonded labourers. Another part of the paper takes care of the current conditions and rehabilitation policy of the bonded labourers and its impact. The study suggests that identifying and rehabilitation policy of bonded labour will be helpful for these voiceless labourers.


Social worker Hussain Zahid.

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